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Commercial Towel Laundry Service

Many businesses use towels - hotels, motels, spas, gyms, health clubs and more. Those towels are expected to be clean, fluffy, and smell terrific. When you use Splash Em' Out's towel cleaning service we will make sure that all of those boxes get checked.

Places of Beauty

The towels at spas and nail salons often have challenging stains. Things like nail polish, hair dyes and other chemicals all end up on the towels. Our long time launderers know how to deal with these types of stains. They know techniques and have specialized detergents on hand that can restore your towels to looking like new.

Places to Exercise

The towels at gyms and health clubs are often used to sop up sweat and then they end up in a big pile in the locker room hamper. You want to make sure that those towels are properly cleaned and smelling fresh before the next person uses them. When you use our towel cleaning service we will make sure that you can always trust your towels to smell great and look great.

Places to Relax

Airbnbs, hotels and motels all use enormous amounts of towels. Guests are aware that hundreds of people have probably already used the towels that you make available to them. So it is extremely important that those towels are laundered properly. Splash Em' Out has industrial machines that can handle large amounts of laundry and expert launderers who know how to get the job done right.

Commercial laundry costs depend on how much laundry you have, what type of laundry it is, and how often you need us to pickup. Email us for a bid at: