Splash Em Out Reviews and Testimonials

"Yes, great service clean!"
Don F.
"Everything is clean and working, free wi-fi, a decent amount of seating, and competent staff. I’ll definitely be going back on my next laundry day."
"Such a clean establishment! The attendant was very patient and extremely helpful. I was about to use the largest washer and he kindly told me that using the size below would work best. Same thing with the dryers. Will be back again."
Bev G.
"Super clean facility! Well maintained machines and the place was attended by a super sweet gentleman who was wiping down machines after each use."
Joyce P.
"If your looking for a laundry spot where everything is clean and great new machines. This is it! It gets even better if you can't wash your clothes because your in a hurry, got injured or just had a baby and need that extra hand u got it here! They will wash your clothes and fold it for you at an affordable price per pound. Friendly staff."